Mission– STARMIA is an empowering brand designed to instill awareness of the infinite power within you.

Mission Statement– UNVEIL YOUR TRUTH

STARMIA was founded by Professional basketball player Mia Hopkins. Mia has had quite the journey as a professional athlete and is still writing her story. She has played in the Czech Republic, Ireland, Greece, and Brazil. As well as, two seasons for the World Famous Harlem Globetrotters.

She started the idea of creating this brand in 2019 when she had an injury while playing in Greece. During this time of darkness, she turned inward into her truth. She knew she held the power to shine through any darkness, realizing, all darkness brings you closer to unveiling your truth.

STARMIA means you know you are the star and the power to shine is within you. This power is true and authentic to each individual. Believe you are the star and let your truth shine through. This state of being is accessible at any moment with focus and belief in your own will. Regardless of whatever challenges and darkness life reveals. The overcoming of the dark leads you to shine brighter. Let it push you closer to your powerful truth. The dark is there for you to shine through it! Never stop reaching and believing in your power to shine because it is always there. Unveil your truth. Shine like the star you know you are!